A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

You know that old saying, ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words’? Well, I feel like having a photography blog turns that thousand into a million. Two decades ago I would be lucky if 50 people saw my photography in a year. And mind you, this was through countless grass-roots marketing mediums like postcards to exhibits, flyers in coffee shops, etc. I am continually blown away by the reach the internet has. Granted, I didn’t have an exhit there but one of my Colorado mountain range photos was shown and mentioned in an online editorial piece about the Western mountain ranges by the NY Institute of Photography last year and wouldn’t you know I still get emails from folks seeing that. From one little article.

That got me thinking. If so many people are seeing my work from one post, a mention, all through the internet… I can just imagine the possibilities. Of Course, this didn’t just come to me but it sure was full circle after I met up for a photography Meetup at the local civic center and there happened to be a marketing Meetup that was double-booked in the same room. It could have turned out to be a disappointing night but we all are adults about it and turned lemons into lemonade. We shared the space and learned a lot from each end of the specturm. Before splitting into separate groups, we all broke the ice and shared a little about our buisnesses. Mind you, it was a small group of maybe 9 people so we had the time. One of the business owners there introduced herself and mentioned that she was a Colorado Springs SEO Expert and honestly, I didn’t know what that was. She went on to explain that the service she provides helps others find your website on the internet. That’s when it all started making sense. I thought it just happened on its own but that isn’t the case. Just like me manually passing out flyers at a coffee shop or door to door in the art district downtown, the digital age makes it so much more efficient with the perverbial passing out of the flyers.

Another marketer there spcialized in email automation. Let’s be clear, I am just able to grasp this whole blogging concept and was blown away to know that there’s software out there that makes it possible to automate messages out to fans or people who follow your work. Genius! I made sure to get his contact information too. His company would set it all up for me. I have a whole list of folks I like to keep updated from time to time and it’s cumbersome to say the least. It’s nice knowing there’s technology out there that can help me out in these areas so I can focus on what I do best: photography!