Unpredictable Weather, Massive Photo Op

It’s like a tumble weed that just keeps rolling the hills until it gains so much debris and momentum that it’s quite a force to be reckoned with. That’s how we feel about Mother Nature and the wicked storms she produces. It’s been a crazy year of weather so far in our parts. Particularly in Colorado. From massive hail sotrms, to wind cyclones, you name it, we had it this year. Our team was able to capture some spectacular images that we’re excited to share. Here’s a sneak peak at a few from our roll. More to follow as we add more weather data to the fold. Thanks for following. We wouldn’t be able to track our exciting journeys if it wasn’t for our basecamp of supporters in Gold Canyon and of course Aunt Mae’s homestead in the Rockies where we can capture all of this beauty.

How we were able to capture this shot at exactly the right time is beyond me. We had a long shutter spead on Delila- for you newbees, that’s the name of my old faithful camera :).







And I just love the rolling hills and how the light and refractment from the storm clouds illuminates some of the highlights of these beauties.





Skyline of Colorado springs, coloradoIncredible storm cloud skyline in Colorado Springs.